Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Apple's New iMac - Slim and Sexy Desktop

Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple Computers today unveiled new series of iMacs which are amazingly slim and sexy. The new iMacs are redefining the standards of desktop computers with their elegance and power.

Apple's iMac web site has released pictures comparing iMac and DELL PC. The difference in the size and simplicity between the desktops is mind blowing. iMac has only three wires (power, keyboard and mouse connectors) and very thin, where as a DELL PC is quite big and having cluttered wires all around it.

If you are wondering where is the CPU in iMac, it is fitted just behind the display screen. Yes, what you read is correct. The thin iMac display screen's back side holds a mother board, CPU, hard disk drive and other peripherals  required for communication and networking. It's quite amazing right!!

Apart from stylish looks, the new iMacs are more environment friendly compared to old Macs. White plastic material used in old Macs is replaced with anodized aluminum and glass which are very eco friendly and easy to recycle.

There is no doubt that Apple is in top gear these days with the next generation products like iPhone, iPod and iMac. All these products are setting new standards in their respective category and providing best user experience.

  Side view  of iMac: Images courtesy Apple.

20 inch and 24 inch iMacs front view : Images courtesy Apple

Back view of iMac: Images courtesy Apple.

All new stylish aluminum casing keyboard: Images courtesy Apple

Sockets of iMac to plug-in speakers, USB devices, etc.: Images courtesy Apple