Sunday, August 19, 2007

Google Talk Gadget - Chatting and Beyond

We always wondered why google does not have a text or voice conference feature in their google talk as compared to MSN or Yahoo. Luckily there's a simple web application for all these missing features like group chatting, media preview and lot more features inside the same GTalk window. 

The Google Talk Gadget is a simple flash-based rich interface on web pages.Unlike the GTalk PC application,the gadget supports group chatting, Inline media for YouTube and Google Video URLs and Picasa Web Album and Flickr slideshows too.

By just pasting a link to video from YouTube or Google Video and you'll see the title of the video and a thumbnail. You can also add links to videos and albums in your status. If your contacts use the gadget, they'll be able to see the content without opening a new page.

Each conversation has its own tab, so the gadget doesn't occupy too much space. It's also easier to search your contacts and to invite other people. And you can also use tons of interesting smileys (emoticons) in your group chats which are otherwise missing in the desktop Google Talk software.