Friday, August 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Compact Disc. You are 25 Years Old!

Officially the first compact disc was produced on August 17, 1982 at Philips factory in Germany. It is exactly 25 years since the revolutionary storage medium first rolled out of the factory loaded with music of The Visitors by Abba.

A team of engineers from Philips and Sony jointly developed CD after an year of experiments and discussions. The CD was originally thought of as an evolution of the gramophone record. Sony and Phillips had never imagined that the computing and entertainment industries would also opt for the CD as a storage system for content.

Even though CD is a 25 years old technology and many new technologies has evolved in the past 25 years, still CDs dominate the music distribution industry. They are the preferred medium for music and small software distributions.

Anyway, happy birthday CD. Wish you many more to come.