Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sumatra PDF Viewer: Ultra Fast and Simple PDF Reader

We’ve been using the Adobe Acrobat reader since the mid 1990’s.  It has always been a reliable reader and we never had any complaints about it until the past few years. It’s no secret that Adobe Reader is a bloated program that runs slowly on most computers. One key feature which for some reason Adobe has continually overlooked is the ability to bookmark a page. 

An ever-growing group of people is rising up against this system-slowing Adobe monopoly. A new contender in that arena is the Sumatra PDF Viewer, an app that goes easy on the system but is powerful enough to speedily handle even large PDF documents.

Sumatra is a single 802KB executable file for Windows. No installation required. That means you can run Sumatra off of a flash drive. You can also set it as your default PDF viewer.

One interesting feature of Sumatra PDF is that it remembers exactly the last opened page for each pdf file. When you’re finished reading a document, the program will create a file called sumatrapdfprefs.txt in the same folder as the Sumatra program. In this file, it stores the last page you were reading when you exited, and other settings such as zoom level. This helps it be a very useful pdf e-book reader.

Download Sumatra PDF Viewer


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Anonymous said...

I have used the Sumatra pdf for some time and am a real fan. Puts Adobe in the rubbish tin.