Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Windows Live Hotmail Mail Service Upgraded With 5 GB Space and Outlook Integration

Microsoft announced a series of updates to Windows Live Hotmail services to stop the customers migrating to Gmail and Yahoo mail services. These new features will begin to roll to all the customers over the next few weeks.

The two major upgrades which are prominent in the list of features are increase in storage space to 5 GB and integration with Microsoft Outlook. The free service of Hotmail now provides storage space of 5 GB and paid service gives 10 GB. Also the meeting requests sent by Microsoft Outlook can be either accepted or declined through new interface of Hotmail.

Here is the full list of new features which will be available soon to all Hotmail users 

  1. Storage space is increased to 5 GB for free customers and 10 GB for paid customers
  2. Meeting requests sent through Microsoft Outlook can be accepted or declined. The accepted meeting request will be added to the calendar automatically
  3. Improved contact management that lets merging duplicate contacts
  4. Enhancements to the speed of entire mail service
  5. Mails in Junk and Deleted Folders will be retained for long time
  6. Images and links from unknown senders will be blocked automatically and an option will be provided to show them if required
  7. The view area of e-mail will be increased by reducing size of headers and advertisement banners
  8. Mails can be forwarded to other Hotmail accounts. This will be useful to consolidate mails from different Hotmail accounts to a single account
  9. Vacation replies can be configured to send auto replies when you are out of mail access
  10. Turn off Today Page and directly go to inbox after login. This save lot of time by avoiding to see boring news and flashing ads