Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Golden iPod Shuffle For Filthy Rich

Everyone loves iPods and it's a favorite gadget. But if you are a crazy fan of iPod Shuffle and have lot of money in your bank balance then here is the Golden one.Xexoo, a German based company is offering the iPod Shuffle that has been made of pure 18 carat gold and the price tag reads approximately USD 19,310.00.

The golden iPod shuffle called as Xexoo's Audio Master Piece 3 is made of 100gm of gold and comes with 24/7 technical support, damage repair and replacements worldwide to sweeten the expensive deal. The statement from Xexoo about the golden iPod Shuffle reads as

The aluminum enclosure, with its rounded edges is now completely done in 18kt gold and makes this audio masterpiece something you really want to show off.

 For those who are ready to afford this cool gadget can place order at Xexoo. [Scifi]

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jeff said...

Would really love one of these but vthe price tag would put me off, I think I would put the money to something more realistic.