Monday, September 03, 2007

Google Ready To Introduce the gPhone?

First, there was Apple's iPhone.Now Google is about to announce its much-awaited phone called gPhone.Unlike iPhone (which cost's $500) it is being predicted as a $100 phone that uses Google search, Google Maps, GMail and the Google Talk VoIP service that lets users make free or very cheap phone calls over the Internet.

The Google, at any rate, is interested in telecommunications. It recently announced it would participate in an "open" frequencies auction next January in the United States that could cost it billions of dollars.

The owner of open frequencies could create a mobile phone network across the country accessible to any cell phone, and not restricted to models chosen by US operators, as is now the case.

One thing is much clear that all the big players - Microsoft, Yahoo!, Apple and Google - are frantically trying to develop new products for the mobile market.

That's because of industry predictions that more people will one day login to the Internet through a mobile phone than by computers. Just this week, Yahoo! released an updated version of its e-mail service that lets users send text messages from computers to mobile phones.  

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