Sunday, September 02, 2007

Google Earth's Surprise Feature - A Flight Simulator

As fascinating as Google Sky is, there is a hidden feature of which we cannot find any  information about even in product release notes. 

To access the hidden feature, open latest version of Google Earth and hit Command+Alt+A.

The Google Earth Flight Simulator comes with two aircraft options, a F16 Viper and the more manageable SR22 4 seater. Players have the option of commencing the game from their current location in Google Earth or can pick from a list of pre-determined runways. Control instructions can be found here.

Here's the initial view from London Heathrow Airport:


This hidden feature could become a standard feature in the next versions of Google Earth and it will bring even more fun to the application.



Anonymous said...

"Command" Alt A? Where is the "Command" key? Are you on a Commodore 64?

Manik Agra said...

this is very exciting feature, but need fast internet connection

GE can use for playing...