Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Google Presentation - Google Powerpoint Application Goes Live

Google is adding a feature to its Docs & Spreadsheets that will enable people to create presentations and slide shows.

Much like the freely available OpenOffice software suite, Google Presentation can import and use Microsoft PowerPoint files, has built-googledocs_logoin themes, text formatting and so forth.

Google Presentation, of course, has built-in online collaboration and sharing, which is something many PowerPoint users probably would love to see instead of having multiple versions of the same presentation floating around on the corporate server somewhere.

E-mailing a link to an online presentation is a great feature of Google's new Presentation offering, although services like WebEx have done this with PowerPoint for years. But, emailing a link instead of having folks login to a secure website is a tad easier on all concerned.

The winning feature in Google PowerPoint is integration with Google Talk - while you are delivering a live presentation online, the presenter and attendees can text chat in real time via Google Talk.