Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Watch Never Ending Stream of Amazing Pictures Uploaded by Bloggers

Google Blogger launched Blogger Play, a never ending slideshow of amazing pictures recently uploaded to Blogger blogs. Blogger Play fetches images available in posts of public blogs listed on the web and showcases them in a beautiful way.

Once you start the slide slow you will never feel like stopping it. You will enjoy great snapshots of what people are thinking and posting about right now on Blogger hosted blogs.Along with the picture you can even read a short excerpt of the accompanying blog post and the profile of the blogger.

The pictures displayed in the slideshow are appropriate to all age groups as Blogger Play uses Google SafeSearch algorithm to filter out inappropriate images. If you ask me this is an excellent entertainer and many people are going to be addictive.

Blogger Play can download as much as 200 MB to run an hour long slideshow. If you are using limited broadband connectivity plans you should have an eye on broadband usage meter.

More information for Blogspot Bloggers

By default Blogger Play shows images of all the public listed Blogspot blogs. If you wan to opt-out you can remove your blog from the Blogger’s public blog listing.