Sunday, October 14, 2007

Clear Lengthy Google Talk Contact List Easily

Google Talk has a nice feature of automatically adding GMail ids to GTalk messenger friends list  of all the people with whom we have mail conversation. GTalk assumes that we exchange mails with our friends and known people and by default it adds them to friends list automatically. Clear Lengthy Google Talk Contact List Easily

This is a nice feature but sometimes it results in a very big list of friends in GTalk if we exchange mails with unknown people[may be you are doing a consulting job and helping others]. Incase if you are ended up with a very big friends list which you find difficult to manage, you can clear them safely with a simple trick. Amit Agarwal[Digital Inspirations] has posted a nice article to safely clean GTalk friends list by declaring bankruptcy. Here are the simple steps which needs to be followed

  1. Login in to your GMail account
  2. Take backup of all the contacts by exporting them to a CSV file by following the menu option Contacts -> Export -> CSV
  3. Select all the contacts and delete them. Yes. You read it correct. Delete all the contacts from GMail contacts list so that all your GTalk friends list also be cleared.
  4. Import all the GMail contacts to your accounts from the backup file created in the step one by following the menu option Contact -> Import -> CSV. 
  5. That's It. Now your GTalk contacts list looks clear and you can selectively add them whom every you want.

Thanks Amit