Saturday, October 13, 2007

Google has launched Google SMS for mobile users in India

A beta offering, 'Google SMS' is meant to make information available on the move, without any need for a computer or an Internet-enabled mobile phone.

This service was initially available only in the US and delivers business and residential listings, product prices and dictionary look-up. Google SMS also can be used to solve mathematical calculations, look up area codes and receive snippets of Google search engine results.

Google SMS is currently available on Airtel, Aircel, BPL, BSNL and Reliance networks. Also it has relevant local data for mobile users in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore.
The development comes amid worldwide speculation on whether Google would launch its own mobile phone.

“There is no denying the importance of text messaging in India and the Google SMS launch is a natural next step for our mobile strategy. Millions of mobile users are being added every month, and Google SMS will provide them a quick and easy way to get the information they need,” Google India’s head of products, Mr Vinay Goel, said.

See online demo here