Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Cool Software:Digg Clone from Intel


Intel has joined the social voting space with CoolSW, a Digg clone for “Cool Software.”

The site is said to focus solely on business ideas, and is designed to tap into the opinions of the wider developer and entrepreneur community.

According to a report at Venture Beat, the site cost around $40,000 to develop and has been tested internally, with Intel soliciting views from its employees about the hottest software companies.


This site’s been in use internally at Intel for some time, and they are expanding it externally to get more input. While this shows that they have already found it to be successful, they are likely to start seeing spam stories, as well as people posting stories from their own blogs.

Lets hope they can keep the spam and off-topic posts under control along with unique & special features to differentiate from one of those many bookmarking services.