Wednesday, October 24, 2007

GTalk Chat Shows the word BP in Blue Color. Do You Know Why?

Did you ever notice GTalk chat application window showing the word BP in blue color? If you have not, try now. When you send a chat message with a word BP, GTalk shows it in blue color.

Image:GTalk chat window shows BP in blue color

Few minutes I wondered, what made GTalk to display BP in blue color? Then a simple Google query found answer to my question. The answer is very simple, BP is a smiley in GTalk and GTalk displays all smileys in blue color.

Hmm...That is news to me. I never knew that BP is a smiley. Digging little further on the net, I got complete list of smileys supported by GTalk. Here is the list and the below image which shows how these smileys look in GTalk chat window

;-| ;-O ;-x ;-P ;-D ;-( ;-) ;'( ;| ;O ;x ;P ;D ;) ;( ;)
:-| :-O :-x :-P :-D :-( :-) :'( :| :O :x :P :D :) :( :)
B) B( Bx BO B| BD BP

Image: Complete list of GTalk chat smileys

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explanation, I was really suspicious about it ^^U