Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Access Blocked YouTube at Office / School / University

Accessing blocked websites is no more an art which can be mastered by techies. There are so many easy ways to access most of the blocked website. In our earlier posts we explained 4 different ways to access any blocked website and two specific tricks for accessing blocked Orkut.

Now lets us learn another trick to watch YouTube videos if your Office/School/University has blocked it.

The work around to watch a YouTube video when YouTube is blocked is to download the video and watch using video players like FLV Player, Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player, etc. 

To download videos from YouTube,my favorite free websites are  Get2PC.com and Vixy.net . These two websites not only download the videos quickly but also support in downloading in various formats like Windows Media File, FLV File, 3GP File, MPEG file, etc.

All you need to provide as input to these sites is URL of the YouTube video which you want to download and format of output file. They automatically convert the YouTube video to specified format and provides a link to easily download them.

This is a safe and easy hack through which you can watch blocked YouTube videos.

If you are using any other websites/hacks which you feel not trust worthy, it is suggested to install good Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus programs on your PC.


Vakilla said...

+1 for http://Get2PC.com

HideMobile said...

Just use a free web proxy to bypass any filtersm,I recommend:


Web proxy to unblock any banned site like Myspace, Bebo, Facebook or Youtube to watch movies from school or access your Facebook profile. Be anonymous and hide your real IP address.

Unknown said...

youtube is opening but no sreaming

Anonymous said...

FYI you can also use TuebeMirror that does the same thing with 1 click and you dont need to do all that