Sunday, November 18, 2007

New RealPlayer Goes Live; Makes Downloading YouTube, MetaCafe and Other Videos Very Easy

The latest RealPlayer Version 11 is live after more than five months beta testing. The major feature of this new version of RealPlayer is the ability to download videos from websites. RealPlayer is the first mainstream media player that lets users download and record videos from thousands of websites like YouTube, MetaCafe, Comedy Central, CNet,  and other sites.

After installing the RealPlayer 11, when you visit a website with embedded video (Flash,  QuickTime, Real or Windows Media) a  floating tool bar appears on the video to easily download it.

Realplayer 11 with Download This Video Option

Once you select the download option, the embedded video is downloaded to your PC and it is automatically added to RealPlayer Library. It is even possible to download multiple videos simultaneously and download the video while watching it.

Realplayer 11 Download Manager

RealPlayer 11 respects respects publishers who copyright their content. Users are not allowed to download video files which are associated with copyrights. For example it is not possible to download the streaming videos from BBC with the help of new RealPlayer.

Also  users can share the watching videos with share the video link via email option available in the floating tool bar shown on top of videos.

For the users who want to create a personal video library, the new RealPlayer 11 looks very promising as it is works on Internet Explorer and Firefox to download videos from thousands of websites.

Download RealPlayer 11     Read the Press Release


Anonymous said...

This works fine, but recently the bar dissapeard and I can't get it back. Realplayer is still installed.

Anonymous said...

1) check to see if your anti-virus software deleted the program. If using Windows XP. The download maanger is a different program then Real Player.
Sometimes the way the video is embeded will not make the floting tool bar show up. another way is to move the cursor in the center of the video and right click for the menu and look at the bottom of the new window and should say
"Download this to Real Player" as a last resort.
Remember to use Internet explorer and Firefox only. Others will not work. Safari will not work with Real Downloads or Free Browswer, or slim browser.
Or just try to reload the page. and then play the video and look for the floting tool bar.