Sunday, November 18, 2007

World's First MP3 Player - Eiger Labs MPMan

Eiger Labs MPMan F10 is the worlds first MP3 player developed by SaeHan Information Systems, a Korean based company.

The MPMan F10 was released in 1998 with a price tag of $199.95. This player had had 32 MB of storage capacity and there was an option to even expand it storage capacity to 64 MB by sending the player back to Eiger Labs with a cheque for $69 + $7.95 shipping.

World's First MP3 Player - Image 1

World's First MP3 Player - Image 2

The official MPMan web page available in web archive describes the player as

  • 100% Solid State: Never Skips or Wobble
  • 32MB Flash Memory: 30 min to several hours of music
  • Ultra Compact: Ultra Portable
  • High Quality Music: CD-Quality
  • SRP $199.95: with NiMH Rechargeable Batteries!

So now we know MPMan is the great grand father of today's iPOD.

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