Thursday, December 13, 2007

Definr - Incredibly Fast Online Dictionary

Definr - incredibly fast dictionary, lives up to the caption. It is a single page, simple online dictionary that delivers results to queries almost instantly and suggest words as you type just like Google Suggest and Yahoo Suggest.

Definr promises an average word lookup time as 14ms and when we visited the site statistics page it is around 110ms.

Definr web framework is on Ruby powered by Rails with MySQL as a back end server. On average the servers cache 10000 words in memory so that the results are delivered nearly instantly.

You might be wondering why use Definr when there are many well established sits or Google Search define keyword? Well, Definr speed is very impressive and it is worth checking out just to feel what is the real instant online response.

>> Visit Definr

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Anonymous said...

I found a website faster than definr. Try to use and you compare it. I have been using this online dictionary for weeks now because their toolbar is great for my children and there are a lot of tools to for your pc to choose from.