Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Good News For Pirated Windows Vista Users

The current version of Windows Vista, when a pirated copy is detected it activates auto crash functionality by giving only 3 three days time to users to buy an authenticated version. This has proven as very infamous for Windows Vista adoption and people started looking for other alternatives.

With the service pack 1 release of Vista early next year, Microsoft plans to remove the infamous kill switch from Windows Vista.

When SP1 is installed, Microsoft will restore the Windows Genuine Advantage(WGA) program to its original role as a series of persistent notifications but non-lethal. A key person of Microsoft WGA team quoted

Based on customer feedback, we will not reduce user functionality on systems determined to be non-genuine

Also Microsoft says the new notifications will lead to online get authenticated software page where users can purchase genuine windows OS.

This drastic change in Microsoft against the pirated software users is to stop loosing the market shares of their products to various competitors like Ubuntu, Firefox etc.

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