Sunday, December 30, 2007

Headlines Ticker Widget - A New Year Gift For All Bloggers From Tech Dreams

Display a cool headlines ticker in your blogs and change the way it looks in the New year!

Yes, with our "Headlines widget" you can put a  customized latest posts ticker directly into your blogs unlike a normal code copy and past process.

Like our earlier headlines scroller widget, we developed a clean interface to take the full advantage of this cool feature:

Customize Post Ticker Widget

Blog address:

Number of posts:

Label Text:

Open posts:


Please leave your comments and suggestions regarding this component below.


Anonymous said...

Great hack!

Anonymous said...

a very good widget.. thank you.. how have u implemented this comment block?

Epix said...

great... TNKS!!!

SPLA said...

Anything like this for Wordpress? or how can i mod it to work with wordpress feeds?

ATM Member said...

Hey there I love this ticker...thing is it keeps making my posts move up and do I specify a wider ticker so it doesn't have to change when a long post title comes along?

Anonymous said...

hey dis widgtet doesnt work on ma blog
please help
mail me if u get any idea about it

Anonymous said...

Excellant Widget...

thanks a lot..
But Your Earlier Text scrolling widget, not able to install.


blogspotter said...

Yeah there is a bug with this...

Depending on the browser, each time the page is loaded the error message says:

"TypeError: objPost is undefined"


"TypeError: Undefined value"

my page is

please tell us how to fix this, thanks!

blogspotter said...

nevermind... i figured it out. I had more than 25 for the number of posts... 25 is the RSS limit itself.

it's great code thank you! it works perfect

Gifts Ideas said...

Thanks in advance
I will use it on my Gifts blog....