Wednesday, December 26, 2007

How To Redirect Domain Via Google Apps/eNom Without www

Two days back we've just registered for a custom domain through offered by Google Apps with the partnership of

But, to our surprise when we enter the domain address without the (www) in the address bar, it redirects to Google Apps Start page instead of our domain home page.It was really frustrating to see this type of issues.

After doing some search on the Internet, reading some blogs, and getting some feedbacks from the Google Apps Discussion Groups, finally, we got the right solution.Here's how the problem can be solved:

Access the eNom control Panel

        -Clear all the rows of Host Names that has the sign "@"

          with "(A) Address" under Record Type

        - Now, create a new row with the following information

               Host Name: @ 
               Record type: URL Redirect

That's it!If you're still confused and need more information or detailed step by step guide, let us know. Your feedback can also help us to improve the instruction given here.


Anonymous said...

Google Apps has registered my domain name through
Since the process you've explained above is for eNom control Panel, could you please help me how to do the same through godaddy?

Thanks in advance,

Stevenson said...

How do I access the enom control panel? Google gave me no information as to what my enom password or username would be--I have no way to access enom, ostensibly the provider of my domain name.

Josey Rebelle said...

that didn't work for me :(

i'm getting really annoyed with the whole thing now...aaaarrrrgghhhh!!!

Brian Whippp said...
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wk said...

Exactly what I need that it's working now, finally.

Many thanks! :)

An Investor said...

This may answer some of the questions in the comments. I switched several domains that I registered via Google/eNom to Bluehost. Here are some things I learned from others:

1. To access your eNom account, go to your Google Apps account > Manage this domain > Domain settings > Domain names. This will bring you to a page that lists your primary domain. There is a link just below the domain name that says "Advanced DNS Settings." Click on that and it will take you to a page with your domain and eNom password, and a link to open your eNom DNS console.

2. To set it up so that '' will redirect to '' instead of your Google Apps Start Page, follow the instructions here:

3. To change it so that Google Apps will still handle your email after you switch from eNom to another hosting service, you need to change the MX settings for that domain at the new hosting service. Follow these instructions:

For example, Bluehost uses cPanel to administer your hosting account. In cPanel, there is a selection to manage your "MX Entry." Choosing that selection brings you to a page showing your current MX settings for all domains in your account at Bluehost. You can edit the MX setting to make email go to Google Apps rather than to the email app at Bluehost. So, for example, the current setting might be something like:
Priority: 0

You would then change it to:
Priority: 10
to: ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM. (include the dot (.) at the end)

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!!! this was driving me insane.

madbohem said...

seems to be broken links in Scotts comments.

what i really want to know is how to redirect enom to my own server.

Mk VI said...

Much thanks! Fixed my problem immediately and it had bugging me like crazy for some time.

Also, kudos on the keywords, "without" "www" and of course all the google, apps, enom. Made you real easy to find in my google search.

DC3 said...

thanks for the help guys. was looking for just this info - shame the how2 is garbled over on google apps help.

Should I also change the www to be a url redirect to my site also?

I just did that and I'm hoping this is correct.

oj said...

Yes. Thank you. This worked for me. One thing, I had to use "http://" before the "" for the URL Redirect.