Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Bored With Your Windows XP? Transform It to Vista or Mac OS X or Ubuntu With These FREE Transformation Packs

Start this new year in a great way by changing the look and feel of your Windows XP to Vista or Mac OS or Ubuntu. The free transformation packs available for Windows XP Service 2 OS can change the skin XP to any other OS.

Windows Vista Transformation Pack

This pack performs all kind of tweaks to give exact look of Vista to your XP. To list few tweaks...start menu with search option, icons, transparency, vista sounds and the sidebar.

Windows Vista look of XP

Mac OS X Transformation Pack

Transforms Windows XP to Mac OS X 10.5 to get the real feel of working with an iMac.

Mac OS X look of XP

Ubuntu Transformation Pack

If you dont know to install and work with Ubuntu here is the XP to Ubuntu transformation pack that give you the famous Ubuntu brown theme.

ubuntu look of XP 

You can download the transformation packs from the following links

Please read the installation guides associated with the packs before installing them.

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Anonymous said...

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