Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Learn to Iron Shirts and Pants In a Smart Way

VideoJug has two nice videos explaining how to iron shirts and pants in a smart way. Even though most of the men hate ironing the dress, it is very much required to wear wrinkle free dress. Lets learn how to iron dress in a smart way.

Ironing a shirt

Here are the summary of tips shown in the video

  1. Iron your shirt before it's fully dried to easily iron out crease. If the shirt is fully dried moisten it again.
  2. Adjust heating level of the Iron by reading the instruction available on the label inside the shirt
  3. Unbutton the shirt, including the cuffs
  4. Begin with the collar, inside and out, starting at the tips and working your way to the back
  5. Do the shoulder yoke ( watch video for tips on this area)
  6. Do the cuffs and sleeves
  7. Iron the front and back. Back is low priority as it will wrinkles sitting against the of the chair or car

Ironing a pant

Here are the summary of tips shown in the video

  1. Moisten the pant to iron out crease easily
  2. To avoid getting the horrible shininess common in wool or dark fabrics, use a damp cloth or tea towel to protect the trousers: Lay the cloth or towel over the trouser leg, and iron through it
  3. Do it one leg at a time
  4. If there is a crease running down the length of the trousers from the last time you pressed them, iron it out
  5. If you wish to iron in a crease at the front of the trousers, use a pressing solution.