Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Hilarious April Fool's Day Spoofs From Google Empire

Google has the rich tradition of perpetrating April Fool's day spoofs. All most all the branches of Google Empire has done their part today by announcing April Fool's day spoofs. Here are the few interesting picks

Virgle(Virgin Atlantic + Google)  - Colonize Mars

Google in partnership with Virgin Group announced a project called Virgle, to establish colonies in Mars. Project Virgle says

Starting in 2014, Virgin founder Richard Branson and Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin will be leading hundreds of users on one of the grandest adventures in human history: Project Virgle, the first permanent human colony on Mars.

Here is the official Google video made by Larry and Sergey about Virgle


 AdSense For Conversations

Adsense blog announced new ad system which allows displaying ads relevant to topic which people are discussing.

AdSense for conversations is a new type of monetization solution that "puts the 'context' in contextual advertising". Now, in just a few simple steps, you can begin displaying ads that are relevant to the topics you're discussing -- in an unobtrusive screen above your head.

gDay - Search Tomorrow's Internet. by Google Australia

Ever wonder Google is going to index content of web which is not yet created? gDay from Google Australia is all about indexing the content which is not yet available on the web.

GMail Custom Time - Send Mails In  Past

Never be late again. Always send mails on time. The new GMail Custom Time feature allows you to set sent time of a mail to the past.

Just click "Set custom time" from the Compose view. Any email you send to the past appears in the proper chronological order in your recipient's inbox. You can opt for it to show up read or unread by selecting the appropriate option.

Google Calendar- Wake Up Timer To Pour Water If You Don't Wake Up

Do you have trouble waking up from bed on time every day morning? Install the new Wake Up Kit of Google Calendar which drags you out of bed and  pours water if you don't wake up on time

The "wake up" notification uses several progressively more annoying alerts to wake you up. First it will send an SMS message to your phone. If that fails, more coercive means will be used. The kit includes an industrial-sized bucket and is designed to be connected to your water main for automatic filling. In addition, a bed-flipping device is included for forceful removal from your sleeping quarters

Google Docs - Create You Paper Airplane With Just a Click

When a new document is created, Google Docs added an option called New airplane to File menu. When the  option New airplane  is selected it opens a Google branded paper airplane.

Orkut - delicious and low fat Yogut

The logo and name of Orkut is changed to Yogurt