Monday, May 26, 2008

5 Essential Plug-ins for Firefox Web Browser

Unless you are very new to computers, you have undoubtedly heard about the Firefox web browser.

Firefox is a great web browser, and even better, when it comes to plug-ins. There are thousands of plug-ins available to freely download and install. Here are the 5 most useful plug-ins for a common online user

Autocopy places the selected text to clipboard automatically and paste it on middle mouse button click. This extension makes Ctrl + C & Ctrl + V keyboard short cuts unnecessary. It's a very handy plug and huge time saver plug-in for social book marking lovers.

Fireuploader is a single application that can upload and download videos, image and documents from most popular web sites with a common interface. It supports uploading/downloading files to Flickr, Google Picasa Albums, YouTube, Facebook and

GMailManager is a very useful plug-in to manage GMail accounts. After installation it sits in the status bar and offer lot of handy features to access GMail easily. Here are the few interesting features

  • allows you to switch between multiple GMail accounts with a single click
  • automatically sings in and opens inbox of selected GMail account with a single click
  • shows the number of unread mails in inbox as well as in other labels
  • lists your most recent 10 messages
  • displays an alert when you receive a new mail
  • allows configuration of sound alerts for new emails

Foxmarks allows you to access browser bookmarks on any computer and keeps bookmarks of your multiple computers in sync. Foxmarks save a copy of your bookmarks in a server so that you can access and manage them from any computer.

IETab - Whether we hate or love Microsoft's Internet Explorer, the fact is we can not live without it. Unfortunately there are so many mainstream web sites that works only in Internet Explorer. IE Tab is here for rescue. After installing IETab, If you encounter a web site that refuses to work properly in Firefox, just click on the small icon placed in the status bar. It automatically swaps the rendering engine from Firefox to Internet Explorer with out leaving Firefox browser.

Quick links to download and install the plug-ins

  1. Download Autocopy
  2. Download Fireuploader
  3. Download IETab
  4. Download GMailManager
  5. Download Foxmarks


venkat said...

these plugins are very useful for Firefox users tnank u

Mayur Agarwal said...

very useful fifefox plug-ins...