Sunday, May 25, 2008

Most Useful Windows Keyboard Shortcuts To Save Time

Keyboard shorts are very helpful to quickly complete the tasks and save significant amount of time.

Here are most useful Windows Keyboard shorts which I use daily


Windows Key - Open Start menu(alternately you can use Ctrl + Esc)

Windows Key + L - Lock the computer

Windows Key + E - Open Windows Explorer and show My Computer

Windows Key + M - Minimize all opened windows

Windows Key + D - Minimize all windows and show desktop

Windows Key + F - Open Find files

Windows Key + U - Open Ease of Access Center

Windows Key + R - Open Run dialog

Windows Key + Tab - Browse through the opened applications

Ctrl + C - Copy selected item

Ctrl + V - Pasted selected item

Ctrl + X - Cut the selected Item

Ctrl + A - Select all the items

Ctrl + Z - Undo last action

Ctrl + S - Save

Ctrl + O - Open

Alt + Tab  - Switch between opened applications

Alt + Enter - Open properties of selected items

Alt + F4 - Close program

Ctrl + F4 - Close file

Ctrl + Shift + Esc - Open Windows Task Manager

Hope these shortcuts are useful to you. If we missed any other useful shortcut which you use often, let us know through comments.



Anonymous said...

CTRL+d and CTRL+m both are same i think so what you think about
anyways a good list of some very useful shortcuts

Gopinath M said...

Ajay, its Win + D not Ctrl + D that minimizes all windows.

You are right, seems to be there is no difference between Win + D and Win + M.

Anonymous said...

ohhh sorry