Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Disappointments of New iPhone 3G

Apple yesterday unveiled a new iPhone that is slim, sexy and cheaper. The new iPhone has many new features like 3G support, GPS, third party applications, etc[read more]

As most of the Apple Fan boys are celebrating the new iPhone, there are few fans who are very much disappointed. Here are the shortcomings of iPhone 3G

No MMS: Still there is no support for Multimedia Messaging Service through which users can easily send/receive photos and other media files. The only way to send and receive media files in iPhone is through e-mails which is not as simple as MMS.

Poor Camera: The 2 megapixel camera introduced in the first version of iPhone is left unchanged. Most of the other smart phones have at least 3 megapixels.

No Video Call Support – The much hoped front-facing camera for video calls is not available in the new release.

Missing Cut, Copy & Paste – Every smart phone’s must to have features are basic cut, copy & paste. Apple failed to add these features to the new phone.

Adobe Flash – The Safari web browser used in the iPhone does not have Adobe Flash support. So none of the flash enabled web sites can be viewed on iPhone

Miscellaneous – The other disappointments include no Video Recording Support, lack of landscape oriented keyboard, week Bluetooth support.

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Anonymous said...

Good post. I am about to ditch my phone for the new 3g(when it comes out). How do you know there is no CUT/PASTE/COPY support? That is a very important "must have" for me. BTW, the windows mobile os does not support flash either. I am really trying to figure out which is least offensive... so far i am dissapointed with wm5 and 6 but maybe 6.1 will rock. the biggest problem for me is that my carrier (verizon) does not carry a decent phone. their hardware sucks and it ruins the experience. thanks