Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How To Install Firefox 3 Without Loosing Firefox 2

The response of users for Firefox 3 call to set up the Guinness record for most number of downloads on a single day is tremendous. An unofficial count of downloads in the first 24 hours is reported as 8.3 Millions.

As I’m writing this post the downloads live counter has just passed 9 Million and with over 3244 downloads per minutes.

The number of downloads would have doubled if all the extension of Firefox 2 worked on Firefox 3. The changes in Firefox 3 architecture broke most of the Firefox 2 extensions and this problem did not encourage few people to upgrade Firefox to new the latest version.

But it is possible to install Firefox 3  without disturbing Firefox 2 installation and the extensions. There is no registry hack or any system configuration required. All you need to do is to install Firefox 3.0 Portable Version from web site. After installation, you would be able to launch Firefox 3 and Firefox 2 without any problems.

Portable version of Firefox 3.0 is a fully featured Firefox 3.0 browser developed for installing on portable devices like USB. Portable applications does not require any installation, which makes them easy to carry on USB drives and launch the applications on any computer where you can plug in the USB.

Happy browsing with Firefox.


AK said...

Great guide...this is very useful! I will be doing this myself...

Anonymous said...


Installing firefox 3 portable, didn't allow me to use both ff2 & 3 at the same time!