Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How To Receive Free SMS/Text Alerts From Google Calendar?

There are many web based calendars online, but Google Calendar is the one I like very much. Google Calendar is loaded with tonnes of features and the user interface is slick and fun to use.

Among the loads of useful features available in Google Calendar, receiving free text/sms notifications directly to your mobile is my favourite. This feature is available to users of most of the countries. You can view the full .

If your country and the mobile service provide is listed in the list of supported providers, here are the few simple steps to be followed for enabling mobile alerts

Configuring Mobile Phone Number

  1. Log in to Google Calendar
  2. Click on Settings  at the top and select Mobile Setup tab
  3. Choose your country  and enter your mobile number
  4. Click on Send Verification Code button
  5. Wait till you get a message from Google with verification code. Once you receive the verification code, enter the code and click on Finish setup

Now you are all set to receive SMS alerts for the event reminders you create in Google Calendar.

Creating an Event With SMS Alert

From now onwards whenever you create an event, you get an extra option “SMS” in the add reminders section. Choose the SMS option and choose the time before the event when you should be reminded.

So from now onwards hope you never miss an event in your web calendar, even though you don’t have access to Internet.

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Mayur Agarwal said...

Gr8 tip buddy :D
trying out now.....