Thursday, June 12, 2008

Know The Amount Radiation Emitted By Your Mobile

We all know that each and every mobile emits some amount of radiation. But did you ever check how much is the exact amount of radiation emitted by your mobile phone? Well, I’ve not checked it  until I read a report of CNET.

Nice guys at CNET compiled two interesting charts showing the highest and the lowest radiation emitting mobiles available in US. The CNET charts focus on the specific absorption rate, or SAR, of a mobile, which is a measuring unit to identify the radiation absorbed by human body.

According to CNET report, Motorola V195s topped the list of highest radiation emitting mobiles with SAR 1.6, where as LG KG800 topped the list of lowest radiation emitting mobiles with SAR 0.135.

You can read the full list of mobiles and their SAR level at CNET. Here is a glance of top 5 lowest and highest radiation emitting mobiles

Lowest Radiation Emitting Mobile

  1. LG KG800                                        - 0.135
  2. Motorola Razr V3x                            - 0.14
  3. Nokia 9300                                      - 0.21
  4. Nokia N90                                       - 0.22
  5. Samsung SGH-G800                         - 0.23

Highest Radiation Emitting Mobile

  1. Motorola V195s                                - 1.6
  2. Motorola Slvr L6                              - 1.58
  3. Motorola Slvr L2                              - 1.54
  4. Motorola W385                                - 1.54
  5. RIM BlackBerry Curve 8330 (Sprint)   - 1.54

Even though there is no scientific evidence that says mobile radiation is safe or unsafe, lower the radiation better the mobile.

Souce CNET