Monday, August 27, 2007

GMail - The Best Mail Service With Least Storage Space

When Google announced GMail service on April 1st 2004 with 1 GB of free storage space, everyone laughed and said "it's a big joke". Because the storage space announced by Google is 250 times more than Yahoo Mail and 500 times more than Hotmail. Later it became a reality and everyone enjoyed the huge amount of storage space.

Just after 3 years of time, today GMail is one of the major e-mail service providers with least amount of storage space. Here is a comparison between the top 4 global and 1 Indian e-mail services

  GMail Hotmail Yahoo AOL Rediff
Storage 2.8 GB+ 5 GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum attachment size 20 MB 10 MB 10 MB 16 MB 10 MB


Even tough GMail offers least storage space still it is the most preferred mail service for it's unique features like grouping conversations, labelsbetter spam protection, non disturbing text ads, advanced search, advanced attachment management and easy forwarding and replying.