Monday, August 27, 2007

iPhone Hacked - A 17 Year Teenager Successfully Unlocked And Connected It To T-Mobile Network

George Hotz, a 17 year old teenager from New Jersey has unlocked the iPhone and connected it to T-Mobile network. George Hotz is the first person who successfully hacked Apple's iPhone and connected it to non-AT & T network without any special equipment.

George spent around 500 hours on the project and posted his experiences and unlocking process in Finding JTAG on the iPhone blog. His 10 steps to unlock the iPhone are very complicated and also requires skills with both soldering and software. Any missteps in the process of unlocking may result in the iPhone becoming useless.

George Interview on CNN (Source:Youtube)

The amount of time and hard work spent on this project has paid him lot. George became popular across the world as almost all the major news channels aired his interview and also he traded the unlocked mobile for a trendy sports car Nissan 350Z (worth of $38,070) and 3 8GB iPhones.

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Gagan said...

What crap!! he might have unlocked it but a 350Z for the iphone???