Thursday, May 01, 2008

How to Access Blocked Facebook, MySpace, Orkut at Office, School or University

Finding ways to unblock restricted websites is one of my favourite hobbies. In the past I shared few tricks that unblock restricted web sites, Instant Messengers and tricks specific to accessing YouTube and Orkut.

As users learn new tricks to unblock the web sites, network administrators are also tightening all the loop holes in the security systems. Few networking administrators are going to extent of blocking all the web URLs which contains the words like YouTube, Facebook, Orkut, etc. If such strict measures are placed to sensor web at your organisation then you might not be even able to read as the URL contains the word YouTube.

If you organisation has such strict web sensor policies and none of the our previous tricks work, here a new set of tricks.

Trick 1: Access the web sites using IP address

Instead of entering the address of your favourite website in the browser location bar, enter IP address address of the site. For example access YouTube by entering the IP address instead of entering in the URL bar.

To identify IP address of a web site you can use the simple MS Dos command ping or this free online service.

Trick 2:Access the web sites using OperaMini Web Browser Simulator

Use Opera Mini Browser Online Demo application to access favourite web sites in a small screen window. Opera Mini is a popular web browser for mobile phones. It allows users to work with live demo of Opera Mini that functions exactly like it would when installed on a handset.

Point your browser to and start accessing blocked websites.


Tip: Access mobile version of the sites while browsing through Opera Mini browser for better experience. Here are the few mobile versions of famous social networking sites

Here are the tricks which I shared earlier

Disclaimer: Use these tips and tricks at you own risk. Your organisations may consider accessing blocked web sites and messengers as breach of security policies and guidelines that may result in any inconvenience.


Nabeel K said...

Good stuff man. I can actually access facebook at work using the opera mini thing (the IP one didn't work).

Would you be of any help in helping me unlocking MSOffice07? (Not just the serial number - that I have - but also the activation).

Anonymous said...

i normally use for accessing all blocked sites.They are really fast and no popup ads..

other guy said...

i use to access facebook when it's blocked.. love it!!

rasteman said... and don't work for me. opera does. thanks to tech dreams!

Anonymous said...

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Sarah from Iran!

Anonymous said...

loved it

Anonymous said...

why do non of these techniques work i just wanna see my facebook and everything i do it says http404 not found or someshit i think the administrator here knows all this stuff is anything else i could try im begging plz somebody help me out here.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes proxy sites get blacklisted because of their size and popularity. The site that I've starting using is

It's not a .COM site and it's never been blocked from my networks. Hope this helps.

Mark said...

Sometimes proxy sites get blacklisted because of their size and popularity. The site that I use is

It's not a .COM site and it's never been blocked from my networks. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

@Mark: thank u sooooo much for proxyheaven :):):) my days at office suddenly seem to have become more interesting!! thank u! God bless

Lauren said...

Problem - I can access Facey using the Opera thing but cant use the online chat :( - I want to be able to go on Facebook and use the online chat - PLEASE HELP??? Most Sites dnt work for my computer cause Im stuck in the dugen (work) LOL

Blake said...

OH MY GOD. this saved me!
the Opera thing works for facebook chat, too. it's a little weird, because it's just like the setting of an iPod touch and iPhone... but it's better than nothing! i love this, thank you so much :)

Ritz.. said...

@Mark : Proxyheaven .... Miracle worker ........ thnks a tone man !!!